Food Innovation Sector Panels

A climate friendly and sustainable food production calls for innovation along the entire value chain. Food innovation has become increasingly important to ensure a major shift in the way food is produced, distributed, and consumed – hence having repercussions also in public health, waste management, and adjoining industries such as packaging, logistics, retail, healthcare. But is the industry innovative enough?  What drives the industry, and is the response sufficient or in line with what is expected?

The panels in this section will discuss drivers behind innovation followed by reflection by the companies on how to and where to innovate to make substantial change.

German and Danish food companies have a lot to offer, and by modernizing the food sectors in Germany and Denmark through innovation, companies can also play an important role towards a climate friendly and sustainable approach globally.

13.00 Panel I

Drivers behind Food Innovation and Sustainability 

  • Dr. Annika B. Schröder, CEO, foodactive e. V. 
  • Dr. Volker Heinz, Director and Board, Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V. (DIL)
  • Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation 

Moderator: Ole Linnet Juul, Senior Chief Advisor - International Trade and Market Development, Dansk Industri

13.45 Coffee and networking

14.15 Panel II

Companies’ solutions towards a sustainable and healthy future

  • Max Webers, CEO, COLIPI Biotech 
  • Linda Eitelberger, Product Manager, Planteneers
  • Hauke Daene, CHRO, Lidl Danmark

Moderator: Lena Lührmann, Unternehmensberaterin Innovation & Zukunftssicherung, Visionsalive e.Kfr.