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A coffee with
A coffee with H2 Energy Europe
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14/05/2024 · 08:30
14/05/2024 · 09:00

On 14 May at 8.30 Patrick Huber, Chairman of the Board at our new premium partner H2 Energy Europe, will join CEO Andrea Wenzel for a coffee and share his insights.


Green Hydrogen from Denmark is a Key Component of Europe’s Energy Transition. Having access to green hydrogen is both cost-effective and available in sufficient quantities is crucial for driving the transition towards sustainable energy sources.

The topics for the 30-minute talk will be:

  • Hydrogen in the context of the energy transition
  • What challenges does Denmark face to build a green hydrogen economy?
  • Are there insights to gain from experiences in Switzerland?
  • How to develop the German export market?
  • What are necessary conditions for success in hydrogen production?

The broadcast is online, in English and you can sign up HERE.

H2 Energy Europe is involved in the entire hydrogen value chain, offering its expertise and engineering services at every stage from production to distribution and consumption. With many years of experience in establishing hydrogen production plants and refueling stations, as well as engineering fuel cell applications in Switzerland, they have created a comprehensive ecosystem. Now, the company is expanding its operations across Europe. This expansion includes a 1GW plant in Esbjerg, Denmark, which converts offshore wind power, and the rollout of a hydrogen filling station network with sites along major transport routes in Germany, Austria, and Denmark.

We look forward to your participation.