Online New Year's reception

Get a glimpse of the post-corona world at our New Year’s reception

The pandemic will end in 2021 and for the second time since 2008, a new normal will emerge. 

What this implies will be the topic of our new year’s reception. 

The director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and CEOs from German and Danish companies will focus on the post-corona recovery and the new rules of the game.



What’s in store for Germany and Denmark in 2021?
Jens-Henrik Nicolaisen, Chairman of the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce


Key-Note: Planning - when all plans fail
Daria Krivonos, Director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

Read more about Daria in the latest issue of Scenario Magazine




Discussion: What kind of upswing after Corona?
Mark Meier, CEO, BASF Nordics
Jens-Peter Saul, CEO, Rambøll
Moderated by Reiner Perau, CEO German-Danish Chamber of Commerce
15.35 2021 Quiz:
Predict the year, take part in our Quiz with 10 questions about 2021 and win a prize 
16.00  Online Networking via Tavata

Date and time

28 January 2021
3.00-5.30 pm



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