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Register for Tavata here

By registrering at Tavata, you will get the opportunity to find a list of participants and book other attendees and employees in the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce for individual 1:1 conversations. 

Register as soon as possible to get to know the other attendees beforehand. It takes 5-10 minutes to create a personal profile:

  • Go to Tavata. We recommend that you use Chrome.
  • If it is your first time, fill out the necessary information or access your existing account. If you use your Linkedin account your profile picture, name and e-mail will automatically be transferred.
  • Fill out as many information as possible on your profile.

Join the event:

  • Click "+Join by code"-button from top of the page and join the event with the event code . You will find the event later under "My own groups and events".

Create your event profile:

  • Select the company you are representing in this event, fill out your role at the event, add your event pitch or use the pitch from your personal profile. Profiles with an introduction usually get more contact requests from other attendees than those without one. Find the sections that suit you best under "Offering and Seeking".

Find new contacts and arrange meetings:

  • Go to "People" and find other people attending the event. Take your time to view the profiles, and do not forget to check for more information by flipping the profile card. Suggest a meeting from the meeting icon on each profile card. You can also attach a message. Meeting suggestions are sent to the persons e-mail and can also be found in "Schedule and Program". Remember to check regularly if you have received any meeting requests and accept or cancel them.
  • You can view your meetings in the "Schedule & Program"-tab. 
  • Join your individual 1:1 video meetings by going to "Schedule" and press the arrow button on the right-hand side on each meeting. The video meeting will open only after both parties have accepted the meeting. Follow our step-by-step guide in German or Danish.

Attention mobile device user!
If you use mobile device for video meetings, you need to download Jitsi Meet video meeting app to your device before attending the meeting. Download free Jitsi Meet from your app store, no other measures are needed. When you open your video meeting using you mobile device, you will proceed to Jitsi during the meeting. If you use your desktop device, video meeting will open within Tavata and no downloads/actions are needed.

Current events

Online Networking for Members: S65G

Members Monday: ZDRQ