Bioenergy Conference in Aarhus

On May 7, German and Danish experts from the biogas industry met at the biomass-based CHP plant in Aarhus.

Sustainability was on the agenda on 7 May when German and Danish bioenergy companies met in Aarhus for an exchange. The conference was organized in collaboration with the Danish Innovation Network for Bioresources (INBIOM) and the Danish Export Association. In addition to talks on innovative technologies, five German companies presented their state-of-the-art products and solutions. The event focused on the differences in sustainable energy production, as well as on the use of waste for power and heat generation. The event was an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and discuss future potential for cooperation.

After the conference, participants went off to an exciting tour of the biomass-fired CHP plant where they could watch the green energy transition first-hand.

In the following days, the German companies met with potential Danish business partners and discussed their plans for the bioenergy market in Denmark.

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Jäckel Reegas

BioFuel Technology og Kinetic BioFuel



German Biogas Association