Hamburg Copenhagen Startup Forum 2024

Learn more about the startups from the metropolitan regions of Hamburg and Copenhagen that focus on innovative and green solutions.

  • Boomerang


Boomerang is a Hamburg-based startup that wants to turn online trade around and save huge amounts of packaging waste with reusable shipping packaging and a deposit system. Their Boomerang Packs thus massively reduce the CO2 footprint of online trade and save valuable resources. Each Boomerang can be reused up to 50 times, replacing conventional disposable cartons. In addition to their smart packaging solutions, Boomerang offer a digital deposit system and return logistics. Each pack can be reduced to letter size and returned to us free of charge via any mailbox. Boomerang is a team of 15 people and were able to close funding of aprox. 3 Mio €.

Read more about Boomerang on their website and LinkedIn.

  • Forsyning Danmark

Forsyning Danmark

Forsyning Danmark is a Danish energy project company, that specializes in finding and implementing innovative energy solutions into existing energy systems. The Energy solutions are based on enhancing the synergies between heat and power based on high temperature storage. Furthermore, built on a combined experience of 20 years in the Danish infrastructure we enable cutting-edge customer solutions for district heating grids. 

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  • House of Change (

House of Change (

In the next 3 years, every physical product will get a digital extension. With House of Change helps companies to create a digital extension of all of their products, enhancing transparency and sustainability. House of Changes platform, already supporting over 1,000 products, ensures compliance with regulations like Green Claims, Digital Product Passport (& many more) using automated, GS1 Digital Link-compliant QR codes. Simplify compliance and build consumer trust with just a click.

Read more about House of Change on their website and LinkedIn.

  • J-040


J-040 is a science-based fashion startup pioneering the first 100% natural UV protection for textiles, creating stylish collections without toxic chemicals or synthetic fibers. J-040 address the significant issue of textile-related water pollution and the limitations of traditional UV protection coatings. J-040 innovative technology offers high sun protection using purely natural substances, applicable to any fabric and color, including transparent ones. With a focus on sustainability, J-040 aim to revolutionize a billion dollar industry from within. UV-protection is only the beginning: the vision is to make the fashion industry both impactful and profitable. 

Read more about J-040 on LinkedIn.

  • Kuyua


Kuyua is an AI based nature data analytics platform that addresses one of the major challenges of their time: the loss of nature and biodiversity. With their platform, corporations can not only create transparency on the state of nature, their influence and dependencies on it on a global scale, but also understand business risks related to a loss of nature and how to manage locations to reduce risks and improve the state of nature. Kuyua provide results in minutes, no expertise is needed and all data is conveniently presented in one solution. 

Read more about Kuyua on their website and LinkedIn.

  • Sustainify


Holistic sustainability data from Sustainify covers ESG, SDG & CSR. Sustainify provides sustainability data to primarily investors and businesses – Sustainify cover verified and transparent sustainability data solutions that empower you to make informed choices and create a sustainable future. Sustainify do this by covering a wide range of frameworks and sustainability topics to meet your needs. Sustainify makes sense of sustainability with technology solutions providing data, research and sharing knowledge. Whether you want to access the raw data, dive deeper into the research and reports, or learn from our insights and training, Sustainify have something for you. 

Read more about Sustainify on their website and LinkedIn.

  • TEGnology


TEGnology offers an evolutionary method to convert local excess heat into electric energy to power sensor solutions. Thereby TEGnology enables digitalization towards a maintenance free and true wireless and thus cost-efficient integration to the process industry. TEGnology works as a development partner for IIoT system developers that want to broaden the applicability of their sensor solutions in an increasingly demanding operating environment by increasing the long-time reliability while reducing the maintenance of their sensor solutions. 

Read more about TEGnology on their website and LinkedIn.

  • Traceless


Founded in 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, Traceless is a multidisciplinary and diverse team of passionate experts, united by our pioneering spirit: Traceless work on a novel generation of plastic-free biomaterials every day. Following their vision of a world without pollution and waste, Traceless designed their materials to be completely bio-circular, natural and plastic-free. Not only do they help to solve plastic pollution, but they leave a holistically positive footprint by also reducing climate emissions, fossil energy demand, land and water use and avoiding pollutants. 

Read more about Traceless on their website and LinkedIn.


  • Waitly


Waitly simplify the process for individuals seeking new homes, as well as for landlords, administration houses, and cooperative housing associations. With Waitly, all waiting spots are collected in one convenient place, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple lists and making the process seamless and stress-free. 

Read more about Waitly on their website and LinkedIn.

  • Worthmore


Worthmore aims to redefine what mobile phone subscriptions can be by transforming them into a powerful tool for influencers to monetize and activate their audiences for meaningful impact. Worthmore innovative approach significantly reduces customer acquisition costs (CAC) in their industry - which currently has one of the highest average CAC in the EU - making Worthmore an attractive partner or acquisition target for large telco brands in the future. 

Read more about Worthmore on their website and LinkedIn.

  • X-Spectrum


The battery industry is loosing 20% of produce because it’s defective scrap. That’s 40 billion $ per year. X-Spectrum can solve this problem with ultrafast x-rax based quality control. X‑Spectrum is a spin-off of the research center DESY in Hamburg and was founded in 2014. The founding team of X‑Spectrum consisted of five members of the detector development group at DESY. Meanwhile the company has grown to a size of 19 permanent employees and plans to grow further. Their aim is to bring easy-to-use cameras to beamlines all over the world. 

Read more about X‑Spectrum on their website and LinkedIn.

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