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Light Rail Day

Save the Date: The next Light Rail Day will take place in Stockholm on 5th and 6th November 2018. The main focus will be on "Challenges in existing tram-systems".

Light Rail Day in Stockholm 05-06.11.2018

The planning for the next Light Rail Day is now going on. It will be in the wonderful city of Stockholm and have the main focus on "Challenges in existing tram-systems".

The local partner at this conference will be Stockholms Spårvägar, and we will have the opportunity to visit "Spårväg City" - extension for Tram line 7 to the City Centre Area. This new Tram stop will be part of a car-free area, which is completely new for Stockholm. Absolutely worth a visit. This part of the conference will start at 11.00 and we will be back at the hotel at 15.00 for the Nordic Light Rail Price or to have lectures - the program is not fixed yet.

From the Tram-stop Ropsten, we will go with a chartered Tram to the newly build depot at Aga, which is built to accommodate not only the 7-9 trams of "Lidingöbanen", but also all trams needed for the City Tram in Stockholm, with a capacity of 30 units of 40 m trams.

As usual we will have a networking dinner in the evening, where you have the opportunity to meet up with, and share experience within the Tram-business.

On the second day of our conference, you will have international speakers with interesting lectures.

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